Rules for Visiting the Show

General information

  • The Show lasts up to 3 hours.
  • The audience enters the venue in 4 streams every 30 minutes plunging them into the atmosphere of the Show and unriddling all the secrets of the house.
  • The audience itself determines how long they will stay in the venue and choose their own way every visit.
  • The audience can stay in the bar from 18:00 till 02:00.
  • 18+.

You can direct any questions to:

Dress-code / Personal items

  • If you want to become a witness to all the adventures that are happening at the venue, we recommend you put on comfortable shoes and wear contact lenses instead of glasses.
  • During the Show it is forbidden to speak with the actors, touch them and take off your mask.
  • You should leave your outerwear and your personal things in the coat check.


  • Entry to the Show is possible only for those over 18. The organiser of the Show has the right to ask for ID and refuse the entry without returning the ticket cost.
  • The show containes modern technology and lighting effects.
  • The Show is at a high emotional level.
  • It is forbidden to enter the Show with weapons, including pepper spray, pocket knives and/or blades of any kind, flammable materials, explosives, toxic, odorous, narcotic and radioactive substances, laser pointers, alcohol, suitcases, big bags and animals.
  • It is forbidden to wear dirty clothes or come with any items that that can get the other visitors dirty.
  • It is forbidden to enter the venue with outside food and beverages.
  • Entry for pregnant women is forbidden.
  • It is forbidden to make a video recording of the Show, and photography is also prohibited. People who will violate these rules will be taken from the venue without a refund.
  • During the Show you should turn off any mobile devices or turn them to flight mode. You may also leave them in the coat check (this includes mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and photo and video cameras). If found to be using mobile devices or other gadgets the audience may not be allowed to enter.

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