About the Show

Ghosts is given new life in The Revenants, a production by New York theatre company Journey Lab in collaboration with Russian production company, YesBWork, premiering in Moscow, Russia.

The Revenants is an immersive adaptation of Ibsen’s classic story, Ghosts, through a Lynch/surrealist lens. This production was created by the critically acclaimed New York theatre company, Journey Lab, whose unique immersive productions curate masterful storytelling through intimate human connection in collaboration with Russian company YesBWork.

At the epicenter of this theatrical experience, the audience is invited to freely explore Ibsen’s epic world, forging their own unique journey. Blending classical text, modern dance and cinematically-designed art installations, The Revenants maintains Ibsen’s renowned narrative through a new, provocative lens that influences all five senses. This production will run for a limited engagement of fifty performances before launching in New York City.

Attention! We strongly recommend you to read the Rules before visiting the Show.

  • Simple and Onegin are our partners at the Main and Vip bars, providing to our spectators wine and spirits experience


  • Vyacheslav Dusmuhametov


  • Migel

    Producer, choreographer

  • Victor Carinha


  • Mia Zanette


  • Aleksander Nikulin

    Executive producer

  • Anastasia Timofeeva

    Creative producer

  • Anton Belyayev (Therr Maitz)


Timur Karimov
Aleksey Karpenko
Chief Creative Officer
Mikhail Medvedev
Artistic Director
Ivan But
Line Producer
Artem Polischuk
Administrative Director
Andrey Shnyakin